Mirror an FTP site to Linux

I needed to mirror an FTP site to linux, as preparation for of a migration.
After looking for the most easy way to do this, I found ‘lftp’ on the linux side, and used that.

sudo lftp -e "set ftp:ssl-allow no; mirror -c -e --parallel=3 employees/ /srv/ftp/employees/" -u jeroen someftp.actualadmins.com

In case you don’t have lftp, its easy to ‘apt-get install lftp’ if you’re debian based, else just yum or whatever it…
Here’s an explanation of the command line:
-e = run command(s)
“set ftp:ssl-allow no; = dont check the ssl certificate (in case you are self signed)
mirror -c -e = mirror (make local same as remote, and dont touch the remote). -c = resume. -e = delete files locally (not on the remote side)
–parallel=3 = use 3 parallel transfers
data/ = remote path
/srv/ftp/data/ = local path
-u jeroen = user name… you can also do ‘-u jeroen,password’, which is handy for scripting
someftp.actualadmins.com = server you are connecting to…

This worked great. It will ask the password when started for the user account if not supplied.